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Extra-virgin olive oil: “ l'Oro Verde Del Cilento ”

The oil extravergine of olive “ L’Oro verde del Cilento ” (“ the green gold of Cilento ”) is produced exclusively with olives coming from our company. We know all its stages of life, from the cultivation of the trees to the picking, from the transformation in oil to the packing. We are therefore able to assure to the consumer the cure of all the step of the production of this oil, whose organoleptic qualities and whose values by now are wide recognized. vendita olio extra vergine d'oliva
In order to guarantee the quality of our product, the picking comes exclusively by hand. Olives, kept away from light in special boxes, are processed within 24 hours from the harvesting. Oil is kept then in stainless steel jars, in a dry ambiance, away from warmth and light. “l'Oro Verde Del Cilento” is produced with automatized procedures, it is not filtered, and if it is properly kept, maintains for a long time its precious organoleptic qualities.

Our oil is obtained from the squeezing of olives of the varieties: Frantoio, Pentolino and Leccino, that they guarantee to our oil fruity that varies from mean to light. These varieties take part of D.O.P “Cilento”.

Manifactured in bottles from 750 cl or 500 cl, “L’Oro verde del Cilento” is solded directly in our family-run firm and also online. Its determined flavour renders it a condiment perfect for salad, bruschette, vegetable soup, legumes and meats. Optimal also for fried food and sauces.

Why become our customer ?

  • The first advantage is the relationship quality-price that we can offer only because we produce and sell at domicile.
  • Second advantage is the particularitity of our typical product and will be for you the most pleasure discover its flavour of fruit that usually conquest the consumer.
  • Third advantage is the comfort to receive the oil directly to house paying directly in mark in the short times with the possibility to choose between two size of bottles: 75CL and 50Cl.

How to buy our Extra-virgin olive oil ?

If you want to become our customer enough filling up the order module, we are sure that you will enter to make part of our community of affectionate customers that regularly order and appreciate " L'Oro verde del Cilento ".
Forwarding is carried out by express carrier and products are delivered within a maximum of 24/48 hours.