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Villas are located in the heart of the National Park of Cilento, a land steeped in history and myths.

Cilento is the area stretching from the Sele river to Sapri and includes almost 37% of the province of Salerno. It boasts a 100 km-long coastline on the Tyrrhenian Sea, with beautiful beaches and rugged cliffs overlooking the sea. The coastline is rich in inlets, caves and small harbors. The particularly mild climate makes Cilento the ideal place for a dream holiday also in the low season. The landscape is varied: the coastal area is characterized by thick Mediterranean vegetation and by a series of wonderful inlets, large sandy beaches and promontories surmounted by Saracen guard towers which were used to prevent the pirates from landing. In the inner areas there are mountains, large limestone plains with woods and streams. In the hills olive trees are widespread. Olive trees ('Pisciottano' olive tree is the most appreciated variety) are grown in open grounds, terraced areas and characteristic fields separated by dry-stone walls which are typical of the agrarian landscape of Cilento. Besides vast territories, Cilento includes many towns with their own history, location and traditions.